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Best way to spend a long weekend in Seattle - ideas?

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For various reasons I have the pleasure of spending 3 days (Fri,SAt,Sun) in Seattle. I hav always wanted to see the Pike Place fish market, after reading the book about it, and also to check out the original Starbucks coffee joint. Any other advice on what to see and do in the day? For Saturday night I want to book a realyl great restaurant to take my friend that is hosting me. Suggestions? On the sunday, possibly something in the outdoor would be great? Any tips from locals, or people who've recently visited the city much appreciated! Thanks Simon


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    Seattle is an awesome city-if you know where to go. So, definitely go to the market. I'm a local and I love it. Take some pics of the pigs. There is a tiny donut stall if you are looking at the market, see the gold pig, go inside (right in front of the fish men) and go to your left. It is just around the corner on your left. The donuts are awesome and really cheap-there will probably be a line. The original Starbucks is down the street or North from the market. It is kind of inconspicuous as it doesn't have the brighter green SB logo as the others. There is an awesome, but kind of pricey, restaurant nearby called Purple. It is downtown though. There is also a beautiful restaurant on the water, but is closer to Ballard on Elliott Bay called Palisades. It has beautiful views of the marina at night. It too is kind of pricey, but has excellent food, wine, and staff. Don't pass up a bottle of good Washington Wine. Ask your server no matter where you go for a good bottle. Green Lake is awesome if you want to go for a pretty walk. It is not downtown, but you can easily get there from downtown on any highway 99 bus. Just grab a bus guide. The lines are color coded now for ease of readability. Also, don't miss the waterfront. It is right below the market. It has some good restaurants and beautiful views of the sound. North of the waterfront, head to The Old Spaghetti Factory (not for food, but more for a landmark). There is a park across the street that has some funky sculptures. It also has great views. There are some paths you can walk along as well. Don't forget the Jazz clubs in Bell Town, or the entertainment on Capital Hill.

    Have fun.
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