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puppies in lagos

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I found a couple on the internet claiming to have 2 english bulldogs for sale for $1200 or $600 for one. They sent pictures of the puppies named Barry and Betty. They claimed that that they were NGO's for the Household of God Church in Lagos. I asked them if they would let me send them $400 now, receive one puppy, then make payments for the second puppy and they agreed. They said to send the money through Western Union. I found this website the night before I was to send the money. It saved me $400. They just called me this morning and tried their best to convince me to send the money but I told them to pull their scam on someone else. Lesson learned: NEVER BUY ANYTHING YOU CANNOT SEE FOR YOURSELF. The info they gave me was: Shantel and Adam Jacob. They live at 7 Opemipogan Street in Lagos Nigeria. The test question for the Western Union was : Life and the answer was: Thanks. Their e-mail address was [email protected] and they called me from phone #: 234-807-267-6008. Hopefully this helps somebody else from sending money for puppies that won't show up. Also, they used words that were similar in other scams like: rehoming, missionaries, and calling the puppies "babies". Good Luck!!!!


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    thanks for this post! I contacted someone through an ad on about akc english bulldog pups for $900. I thought the email I got in return was a bit weird so I did a search on the email address given in the email and came up with this. Below is posted the reply email just in case anyone else gets something similar. Watch out for these types of scams, they are unfortunately way too common.

    Email scam:

    Hi,I do not have any puppy at the moment,I am currently in my home town with my family.My dad is down with cancer and the doctor says he needs someone close to keep him alive so I have to be there as I am is only child.I did the advert for a previous buyer of mine who contacted me that she will like to rehome his english bulldog puppies(male and female) because she and her husband was tranfsered by their Church to administer in another church parish in West Africa and give lectures on AIDS Awareness and she has discovered the weather is unfit for them coupled with her missionary work.I will like you to contact her,her name is Shantel and her email is [email protected]
    I am sure she will sell for a give away price.I will also tell her to contact you.

    John xxx
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    I too have been looking for an english bulldog puppy and got the very same -mail from John, which I then e-mailed Shantel Jacobs, got the same e-mail as everybody else, but thought it sounded kind of weird, so I googled her name and came to this site. Thanks for posting this info or I would be out of some money and really mad.
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    I too was scammed by a gentleman named David Rusell. He claims to be doing mission work for He said he had two english bulldog puppies for sale, one male (David) and one female (beauty). He told me he would sell David to me for 300 dollars. The next day he asked for 250 for shipping, but claimed he would pay me back.
    After 'customs' issues he claimed the dog would be shipped out Friday. That didn't happen, then he said Today and well, after 15 e-maik
    ls he hasn't responded. BEWARE of LAGOS NIGERIA!
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