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Brazil: concerned about mosquitoes

I am going on a cruise to the amzon at christmas time and I am very concern about the mosquitoes. I do not know what to expect


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    There will be lots of mosquitoes. You should take plenty of insect repellant. I recommend repellant that contains at least 50% DEET, but make sure you read the label before applying it to your skin.

    You should also check with your local doctor, or travel clinic, about taking malaria tablets.

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    If you are on a cruise around full moon time, then you should be fine. There are not many mosquitos close to the full moon for some reason (don't ask me why!). I didn't even get one bite when I cruised down the amazon, and it was during the full moon. One of the locals had told me this beforehand and I didn't really beleive it, but it was true! I slept in a hammock the whole time without a mosquito net!! However, apparently they are very present around the new moon, so if that falls on or near your tour - grab the 50% DEET like Lee says!
  • Where is your cruise ship going? If you are near large cities like Manaus, you may need some insect repellent. But once you are on the moving waters of the Amazon and away from civilization, you will not. The tanni-stained water of the Amazon river prevents mosquitos in that area, but they are prevalent closer to the cities where stagnant water may exist. I have been on the Amazon River many times and have not been bothered by mosquitos, but on occasion deep in the jungle during the rainy season, when puddles form and provide a breeding ground, they do appear. So better be safe than sorry.
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    Man up Sammy. Mosquito's are all smaller than you. Take yer vitamins & you'll be okay.
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