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Cap Haitien, Haiti

edited October 2009 in Caribbean
A couple of friends and myself are planning to visit the Cap Haitien area, but we are not part of any group, so no one/organization will meet us at the airport. Likely fly direct to Cap from FLL. Any tips on getting through customs, hiring reliable transportation at the Cap airport, interpreter? Other Cap tips? We're heading to a remote villa, so mainly we just need assistance in/around Cap picking up supplies. Many thanks!


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    Getting through customs is just ordinary process. You need to visas to go there except if you are from Panama, Colombia, China or the Dominican Republic. After clearing Customs, hire a uniform driver to the remote villa. Ask airport information for interpreters if you should need, but most driver speak or understand english. You can go to LABADIE which is a resort area where the cruise ships make their stops or but do not mmiss this one go to the citadelle Laferriere which is a wonder, a big fort built in the 19th century after the independance to fight agains the french army. This fort is over the mountain and is beautiful. Bill Clinton went there last month for exploration.
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