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On a UK Residence Permit, do I need a visa to Gibraltar?

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I'm a holder of Chinese passport with the Residence Permit granted for 2 years (until Oct 2011)
Gib is a part of UK's territory, I wonder if I need a visa to enter Gib and how long could I stay up to?


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    Hi Kamatz, Unfortunately unless you hold a "Permanent Leave to Remain Permit" (Not 2 year) then you require a visa to enter Gib. Gib is an overseas territory and as such is not classed as part of UK so you need a specific visa. I am not sure about the visa duration but they are probably 6 months.
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    Hi I'm a Filipino national holding a permanent residence visa, I'm planning to visit Gibraltar for a I need to apply a separate visa forthe purpose of my visit for a week?
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    Can you enter Gibraltar with a Ukranian passport?
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    im going to book my mediterranean cruise this coming april, and as of the moment im holding indefinite leave to remain at United kingdom. I know that I need to request a multiple visa, the First entry is Gibraltar and second is barcelona spain. where I'm suppose to request in schengen visa?
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