Spend US Dollars or convert to Peso?

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I am going to vacation in Mazatlan Mexico in December. Can anyone advise if I should convert my US Dollars to Pesos before going, or can I just spend dollars for everything. Or combination of both? What is the best way to get more value?


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    The general rule of thumb when traveling is to change your money once you arrive into the country you are traveling to, as thgis will give you the best rate. In the more touristy parts of Mazatlan you can spend US Dollars. However, the majority of Mazatlan expects to be paid in pesos, so change up your USD when you arrive into Mexico.

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    We are going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this month, is it best to use Travelers Cheques while we are there?
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    These days I think it is easier to travel with an ATM card. Puerto Vallarta has mnay banks where you can withdraw cash from.

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    I agree with what has been stated in earlier responses. As long as you're staying in a major tourist center; take a moderate amount of USD and convert enough to Pesos to buy souvenirs, drinks, and food on the streets. When necessary replenish the Pesos using the ATM machines. ATMs generally provide the best exchange rates. Changing Dollars for Pesos in small shops is usually the worst exchange rate. For any major purchase use a credit card. Never dispaly a large wad of cash (Dollars or Pesos) when paying for an item.

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