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Sightseeing in Cairo without guide

edited October 2009 in - Egypt
Can anybody tell us pls. if it is possible and safe to visit the archeological sights in Cairo and Ghiza without a guide. My husband's english is not very good, and we also prefer to be alone, to say the truth.

Thanks - Christine


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    it's perfectly safe to go on your own. There is plenty of security there for tourists, but the problem is the language. Very few people speak english so it makes it tough to get around.
  • Hi Chrisitne,
    It' safe to travel in all touristic areas in Egypt,and in the whole Egypt in general. You can visit alone all sites in Ghiza and tour the pyramids by horse. However, you might find it more easy to move around with a guide; indeed, entrance fees are suddenly waved or discounted if you enter with a guide.
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