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Foreign currency exchange: USD into Aus dollars?

edited October 2009 in - Australia
I am flying from Richmond (Virginia) International Airport through Dulles,
Washington D.C. and San Francisco (CA) airports into Sydney.
Where will I get the best exchange rate for my U.S. Dollar to Australian dollars? Should I exchange the money in Richmond at one of the banks or an american express office, or at one of the airports? Please help.


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    Loretta - it's hard to answer this question as the rate is changing on a daily basis. I would get some Aus$ before you come and that way you will have some immediate cash. then take a look at the banks and the bureau de change for the best rates.
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    Get yourself a VISA or MASTER CARD and just take it out of ATM's in lager amounts directly.

    Cant tell you enough how obvious this is but gets missed because we think we need to carry cash.

    I recommend you get yourself 1000 dollars in AU currency in Richmond and just find the right bank that will take your card.

    You will be able to pay for most things with the cards anyway. I still think it is cheaper than a money exchange (that is available in most tourist areas for your info)

    I assume that you have already traveled I hope this is of use for future travelers
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