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Laos in April/May

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I have holidays in April/May 09 and was wondering whether it is worth traveling to Laos in these months? I have read it is very hot in the south and the air pollution from burn off can be a problem in the north? Any advice?



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    I travelled in the north over 10 years ago during May month and sure there was plenty of smoke haze from the burning. Also the water was very low which meant that sometimes we had to bus it rather than catch ferries. Still pleasant, but Laos is not at its best during this time.
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    Hi Caroline, cant´t say anything about April, because I went in November. But if you go I recommend to google for gibbonx, the first hit is it. It´s in Bokeo, up northwest. Definitely one of the best things I´ve ever done :-) And since it´s warm then, there should be an good chance tosee the gibbons and hear them sing... we didn´t, too cold in Nov...
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    Hi, We are flying to Vientienne and also to Luang Prabang. What is the best way? Air or van? Please help.
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    Take the bus betweeb Vientiene and Luang. The scenery is great.
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    hi, I want to travel around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos during August and September. can you please tell me if it is possible to get from CAmbodia to Laos by land, i.e. having to do with visa stuff. Can I get a tourist visa at the Cambodian/Laos border? Or does someone have a suggestion the best way to see these three lands? Please note, I don't wish to fly and have a budget.

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    I'm sure by now Amber has found her way between Cambodia and Laos, but for future reference it is easy to take a boat across from Cambodia to the very popular Si Phan Don islands in Laos and you can get a visa at the border (although it is always best to confirm this for your specific nationality).
  • Pay it a visit at the year-end period, it would be better for any activities. May is very hot
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