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Is it safe to sail off the coast of Reunion?

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Hey all
My husband and I are planning a yacht cruise round the Indian ocean islands, but in light of the recent pirate hostage situations, we're a little concerned about sailing alone on our yacht through these waters. Everyone says it's dangerous "off the coast of Somalia" but does this include islands such as Reunion, Mauritius and the Comoros? I read a story revently about a British couple being taken hostage by pirates and they were headed to Tanzania from the Seychelles, so slightly further north.

I'm quite nervous as I'd hate to knowingly put ourselves in any danger, can anyone give me some advice about this? Should we just avoid these beautiful island all together and head somewhere else?
Looking forward to your responses!

Josie, UK


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    Hey Josie,

    Your cruise sounds like a wonderful idea yet I think you are wise to be concerned about the news reports. I think you might want to consider taking a group with you for safety. I am thinking of seeing Mauritius and Reunion myself. Perhaps my family and I could visit these islands with you, I have a cousin in Mauritius who is a police officer and I could invite him - he might have a better idea about the safety issues in the region. When are you planning the trip?

    Zai, Canada
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