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Poland holiday travel plans

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My husband and I are doing a tour of Eastern Europe in January and I need to know the best way to travel between Warsaw, Krakow and Gda


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    Of course there are trains between these cities.
    There are common trains and also fast trains called "Intercity". They have only a few stops on their course between cities.
    In January there is generally cold in Poland. Temperature is very unstable. Sometimes it can be 10 grades Celcius, sometimes it can be -25 grades celicius. Few years ago snow was in Poland from about november to march, but now it's very unexpected.
    There is almost no snow in november and december. It starts to fall in Jaruary, February and lasts 1-3 months.
    I'm talking about the most area of Poland, cuz in the south, where is mountain area, there is much more snow.
    Ski resorts and so on.
    And i think that kind of travel is safe. Would be more safe by car, but it's still ok.
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