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Tolerance in Jordan and Egypt

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I'm planning to visit Jordan and Egypt this summer.
I'm really excited about the idea, and I don't want to place assumptions, I am somewhat concerned about tolerance.
To many, even where I live, I'm thought of as somewhat unusual. I'm transsexual, and while I do appear as a woman, I thought this had the potential for being an issue.

Does anyone have any information on this?


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    I had a person traveling with me with a group who had the same issues. He had some problems in the use of the rest rooms and also the public baths which he wanted to use. We hired a guide for him to be with him so he would not be harrased in anyway. I belive if you are going to do this trip you might want to consider going with a group or even on your own but to have a guide fromt he country with you so stop any problems or issues that might arise. This would not be a trip that I would do on your own without assistance from a tour operator that knows tha area.
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    I would be with a group, for the most part.
    I'd be going to Jordan for a archaeology class, but by the end I would be traveling through Egypt with a good friend of mine. She's not familiar with the area, so... I might have to look into something. Public restrooms are a hassle even where I live currently. I can imagine the same for baths.
    Thanks for your response.
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