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Getting a visa when arriving on own yacht

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My wife (Swiss) and I (British) want to visit Cuba in March 2010. We are on a world tour in our own sailing yacht. Thus we have no return ticket, and are not in our home country - currently in Morocco, soon in Canary Islands.
How do we go about getting the required visa or tourist card ?


  • You can purchase a tourist card when you arrive in the port in Cuba if you have not secured one in advance from a Cuban consulate abroad.
    Customs does allow travelers to purchase a tourist card or 'visa' on the spot upon arrival.
    You will need to have an airline ticket out of the country before you will be granted the entry visa and usually a hotel or casa particular address if you are not staying aboard your vessel the whole time!
    It is a fairly straight forward process to get the visa (toursit card) and is not expensive.
    Everyone needs a visa to enter Cuba no difference between Swiss and UK passport holders.
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    Thank you for that, Cubanadventures, but we shall not have airline tickets out of the country as we shall be arriving and leaving by our own sailing yacht, as mentioned in the first entry. As we also want to see Cuba, we do not intend to stay on board much of the time, but to leave the yacht in a secure marina and travel inland, but we plan to travel around not stay in one hotel or casa. Where does that leave us ?
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    Hello John

    We are a Norwegian couple on a sailboat, The name is Escape (maybe we have already met.) We will also do a Cuba trip in MArs/april 2010. I have been told different things about visa to the Cuba. Some friends of us go there 2 years ago, and they also purchased one on arrival. Others have told me that this is no longer possible, but your topic on this page, and the answer makes me feel calm again.

    Thank you
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    I was wondering what the outcome of your trip to Cuba on the boat was....? I am travelling through the Americas by bicycle and I want to try to get to Cuba by boat from Mexico but the visa issue is unclear to me, also.

    Does anyone have recent concrete information?
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    i will recomend to use a port agent wen you arrive
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