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Passport renewal problem - help please

edited November 2009 in - General Europe

I have a ticket to Duselldorf Germany, entering the EU through Amsterdam leaving Tuesday November 17, I just looked at my passport and it expires February 15 2010....i know some countries require that you passport is valid for 3 months after your sty, my return flight is December 2 2009....ugh!!!
I feel so stupid, i'd intended to renew earlier this year but i forgot...
Does anyone know if i'll be ok to enter the EU or will i be turned away? All the information i've found online indicates there could be a problem. I called KLM and the customer service rep told me i was absolutely ok and did not need an emergency renewal.....but it was hard to tell if she honestly knew what she was talking about.
I looked into emergency renewal...and it's possible, but will cost $500 to get a renewal within 24 hours. I can't afford it.
Anybody have any experience or insight?


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