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Travel and Vaccines in South and Central America????

Hi there I'm needing some help as I don't know where to start. I want to travel to South and Central America my plan was just to land in Mexico and begin to walk about not literally but you know just travel around without any time scale go all the way down and back up the continent take as long as it takes and I was wondering what vaccines I will need and how do I go about getting them? I'm guessing a GP would be the first step but I just want to get the ball rolling. Any help/info wiould be greatly appreciated. I live in the UK thought you might need to know that.



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    Hi James,

    You should be able to find a travel doctor somewhere near you. These doctor's specialize in innoculations and travel health, they will advise you exactly what you need for the areas that you are travelling to.
    There are websites that will also give you this info such as:

    For South America the main one is Yellow Fever, which, if you do not have your vaccination certificate then you will probably get stopped on your return home at immigration. There are others which are recommended also, like typhoid and Hep B etc, but best to check with a doctor for the most up to date info.

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  • Hello,
    First thing you need to take with you is first aid box. On a trip one must have a First Aid Box with him. And second thing if you have any disease or elergy with something you must take medicines for that.
  • the medicine you need to take necessary rest and so clear
  • Now jobar is a medical expert  :-B
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