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Does Hawaii have an insect problem?

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I am planning a trip to the Hilo area and Mauna Loa in the new year. Does anyone know if the area has a problem with mosquitos, midges etc?


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    i am interest to visit hawai, i am an indian, where i apply the visa
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    Because of the tropical nature and humidity of the area there are mosquitoes. I recently moved to Hi. from Ca. where they have the West Nile Virus but they do not have that here. A good idea in any wet climate is to buy mosquito repellent. I prefer something with DEET in it, although I have not used any in the month I have been here and have only been bitten by mosquitoes once or twice. In other words yes mosquitoes, and no not a big problem.
  • As you know its an island and beach area so this type of insects are developing there due to its humidity.But it has not a big issue because in the day time there were no insect which harms you.In the night,some mosquito type insects are seen there.So you can bring mosquito repellent with you to save from these insect.Otherwise its a very lovely place.
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