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visa for tunisia

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i need a little help.

i am italian and my boyfriend is egyptian, for wortk i will be in tunisia during december and we want have an holiday togheter in Hammamet, so.... pleas, someone can tell me what documents he need (just valid passport?) and the conditio for Tunisian visa (money....).

thankyou so much to everybody.


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    I am not sure, but I believe that as an Egyptian passport holder he will need to apply for a visa before entry to Tunisia. He should contact the Tunisian Embassy in Cairo. The currency here is Tunisian Dinar (TD). One thousand millims make TD1.000. It is easy to change money here but bring Euro as the rate is good.
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    i have red the same, a valid passport and a tunisian Visa withuot other tunisian request,but i will call the embassy. i didn' t think before.

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    Hi, I am going to Tunisia in September this year for 16 days, I will stay in Monastir. Can you tell me, is it easy to take Australian currency to be changed or should I change to Euro's before I come. How much do you think I would need for spending money, my accomdation is already paid for.

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to come through customs there and to get the visa entry after getting off the aircraft.
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    Hi Plaidie - you can't change Aus currency here. Better to bring USD, Euro or Brit Pounds. As for spending money, it really depends what you want to do and what you want to buy. Alcohol for example is expensive here, so if you want to drink a lot every day then be prepared to fork out quite a lot. Most everything else is cheap here so if you allow yourself perhaps Aud$400-$500 per week that should be heaps.

    If you are an Australian passport holder you can wait a long time for the visa. Firstly go to the visa window and give them your passport and police card (this is the white landing card given to you on the plane). they will ask you for TND35.000 which of course you won't have as it's a closed currency. However, they will hold your passport and tell you to go through customs to change money in the arrivals area. Don't stress, go to the bank and change some money but make sure you get exactly TND35.000 because one of their little larks is not to have change!! Go back inside, give them the money and hassle them until you get your visa. If you are too nice and quiet they won't do it quickly.

    I hope you enjoy yourself here - I'm an Aussie living here by the way.
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    Thank you so much Lesley. I really appreciate your advice. How long have you been living there. Did you become a muslim?? I am going to meet someone I have met on the net, we have been chatting for a year now. I am very nervous and probably a little crazy, but you know the old saying nothing ventured nothing gained. I really have nothing to lose, so here I come. lol
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    Plaidie - words of very very cautious. Send me an email and I'll give you some relevant information. Can't let a fellow Aussie be here without some support.
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    Lesley will you please E-mail me on

    [email protected]

    I have the same problem as Plaidie,I have been talking to this guy for about a year and I want to see him but I dont know how too get a visa.. Please E-mail me I have so many questions to ask thanks
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    Hi Leah - I'll give you an email but if you travel on a British passport you dont need a visa. You can be here for 3 months visa free.
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    Hi, Lesley. Well I have a lot in common with Leah and Plaidie in that I met a man from Algeria one year ago through Facebook and am traveling to Tunisia in two weeks to meet up with him and some other girlfriends from Tunisia while I am there. From your other posts, I believe that 1) we will not be allowed to stay in a hotel room together (we plan to travel to Mahdia for a couple of days - he will stay in his apartment with his friend while we are in Tunis) and that 2) transportation between cities is rather difficult. Would also appreciate any more in-depth advice. I've provided my personal email address: [email protected]

    Thank you!
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    nmsmith - welcome to Tunisia. I am presuming that your friend is living and working in Tunis? Where will you be apart from Mahdia? OK, it will be a problem for you to share a hotel room, however in the tourist resorts you may be able to. Transportation is not so much difficult as tiring and time consuming. I'll send you an email and we can chat
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    Hi, Lesley,

    My friend is living and working in Tunis and he will stay in the apartment that he shares with his friend and I will be staying in a hotel nearby. He has a friend that he can stay with while we are in Mahdia, but would prefer to stay at either Vincci Nour Palace or Iberostar Royal El Mansour together while in Mahdia. We will visit a girlfriend of mine in Monastir as well. I'll wait for your email to my gmail account. Thank you!
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    Hi Lesley,

    Im from Philippines living in dubai. Im planning to go to tunisia this coming may or july. i would like to ask how long can i stay as a tourist visa in tunisia. and is it possible for me to stay with my bf in a hotel in one room? and what are the requirements for me to go there.
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    Firstly you must have your visa before you come to Tunisia. You can get this from the embassy in Dubai. Do not arrive to Tunis unless you already have a visa!!! Secondly it will depend on where you are staying whether your b/f can join you or not. Some hotels in some of the touristique areas do allow but as you show, you already know that it is not legal.
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    I am travelling Tunis and I want my family to visit along with me.
    i am travelling for 3months, so for which visa should i go for my family.
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    Hi Sam - it will depend on the country of your passports. There are some countries which can have up to 3 months visa free in Tunisia. If you let me have more information I can give you a fuller answer
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    Hi! i just like to ask i am half Filipino-Japanese and i am using right now my Filipino passport, my boyfriend who is a Italian man living in Hammamet, Tunisia want me to go there this april 30,2011.his friend send me a invitation letter but this guy i don't see him before he is a local what will i do to get visa and requirements?and there is no more tunisian consulate in manila and jakarta where can i go and ask for visa that they would entertain me as a tourist.hope you can help me
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    Hibari - as a Filipino passport holder you MUST have a visa before entering Tunisia. It doesn't matter about the invitation letter. You should contact the nearest Tunisian Embassy, this may be in Tokyo Japan but you can see on the net. They will advise you as to how they can assist you with your visa. Please do not arrive into Tunisia without your visa as it can be that you are refused entry
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    HI i want to know that Tunisian where they have to get visa for come to Thailand ? some The Embussy in Tunisia or have to go Turky? please tell me if somebody know about.
    Thank you^^
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    Mim - Tunisians must have a visa prior to arrival in thailand. there is no thai embassy in Tunisia so your friend will have to apply at the nearest Embassy - this will be in Cairo. they can go on line and download all the information they need.
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    guest - you need to contact the British embassy to find out what they need. The invitation letter is issued by you as her sponsor. However, just a word of warning...........visit visas for Tunisians to the UK are very rarely granted. Good luck.
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    hi i am from pakistan living in saudia arabia i want to go to Tunisia Bengarden, i went to the embbasy but they said we need hotel reservation before i went so they just asked to submit only passport and 2 photos and visa appplication form with re-entry visa of saudia arabia.. i searched alot in internet but i didnt find a hotel in Bengarden, can you help me! here is my email... [email protected]
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    Reyan - I'm sorry but I don't know Bengarden. Can you let me have it's location or which large city it might be near please?
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    Need help on what to do,
    I have a boyfriend that lives in Tunisia we met on the internet nearly 12 months ago.How do i get him to Australia to met me or is it easier for me to go to Tunisa We have been talking marriage for some time now so if i wont to marry in Tunisia what will i need to take there,and also what will my partner in Tunisa need to do to come to Australia .
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    Sue - you have no hope of getting him to Australia. It will be better for you to visit him in Tunis. Please be very cautious............there are many young handsom Tunisian men who chat online for visa purposes!!
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    Good day,
    I am a south African citizen living in the UK and I am married to a UK citizen, we are going to Tunisia Feb 2012 and I would like to know
    what the visa requirments are and if I need to get it in the UK before we travel?
    Hoping you can help.
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    Eddie - if you are travelling on your SA passport then you will need to have a visa before you arrive into Tunis. Your spouse is travelling on a British passport and will be granted 3 months visa free stay.
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    hi,iam tunisien citizend ,ia meet friend in line she from lithuania she work in beljuim ,she want to visit me ,what showd do ?
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    Mejdi - she needs a visa to travel to Tunisia. Doesn't matter that she works in Belgium, if she is travelling on a Lithunanian passport. And if you are a beznezz boy beware!!!
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    I am going to take a cruise with MSC in early September.

    During this cruise we will visit France, Spain, Italy and Tunisia. I hold a Thai passport, but reside in the UK, so I know I will need a Schengen visa but will I need one for Tunisia for that days visit?

    If a Tunisia visa is needed, will MSC allow me on the ship without a Tunisia visa if I do not get off the ship there?

    Thank you in advance
  • Hi, I have a friends working in Tunisia and they are French and i'm Egyptian living in Egypt.what visa to i need to do and it's easy to got it?
    Thank you.
  • Hi Bass123,

    You will need to apply for a visa. Providing documents for your next destination is essential, as is evidence of your ability to financially support yourself. Employment status and an officially recognised letter from your friends will strengthen your case for a visa. Contact your local embassy to get all of the details.

  • A letter from your friends is not necessary as they are not Tunisians and are not residents but expats. You should go to the Tunisian Embassy in Cairo for issue of your visa (it's not difficult). You don't need to provide any proof of 'your next destination' but probably a return ticket to Egypt will satisfy the visa requirements. You should also provide an address where you will be staying.
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