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Libyan Visa For Americans?

edited November 2009 in - North Africa
Is there an American out there who managed to get tourist visa to Libya?

(If you are not an American, please do not reply.)

Libya is unique in many way, and each nationality has its own visa rules. Libyan visa for Americans is not the same as for all other nationalities. I come from Libya, I live in Libya and I know this for fact. Those who copy words from other forums and spread them across the internet need not reply.

But If you are an American who managed to get a tourist visa (or any visa) to Libya recently, then please share your story with us. There are so many questions regarding this and even more opinions about it, but, somehow, it is very rare to read an account from an American who actually managed to get the visa.

Please share your success story with us and make it easier for other fellow Americans.


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    I am not an American but I can tell you that it is now easier for a US passport holder to have a visit to Libya. You will have to get in touch with a Libyan tour company who will issue you with the invitation and visa. Be aware that this is the only way to have a visa to Libya (the same for all foreigners). You will also have a driver/private police with you at all times. You have an Embassy there now you know!!!!!! Libya is a fantastic country and the effort to get the visa is worth it.
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