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Alaska whale watching

edited December 2008 in North America
I am trying to sort out a kayaking trip to alaska so as to see whales and I suppose getaway from it all. Has anyone got any tips o which airport to go to from the uk and where to stay.


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    Hi, from the UK i believe most flights arrive in Anchorage. From here you will have to take a smaller flight to a town to start the Kayak journey. There are number of different towns that offer guided kayak trips. It is best to decide on the type of trip you want before choosing where. For example, from Hoonah a ten day kayak trip gets to Adolphus Point to see Humpback whales. However trip from Gustavus or Juneau can offer shorter excursions and different whales. Accommodation is camp sites for the duration of the kayak trips. Many of these small towns don't have many options in way of hotels and picking one really depends on what town you go to. In Anchorage i would recommend catching your connecting flight as soon as possible so picking a place to stay wont be necessary. Write back with more questions.
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