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most economical mode of Travelling from Atlanta to cookeville,by road/by air rough estimates

edited November 2009 in - USA
I am indian tourist, May I know what is the moar economical mode of travelling from Atlanta to cookeville whether by road or by air and what is rough estimate


  • edited July 2011
    Sorry that there is no answer for that question and from the date, I am sure that he would have worked out something reasonable for his travel!! It is always a good idea to do your homework well and find out the most economical plan when you travel instead of finding out later that there was a cheaper option that you didn’t know about!! I always like to keep myself updated on the information given here as I work in a travel agency!! I always make sure that I carry a travel insurance when I travel and in modern times getting an insurance also is very simple in fact I took my travel insurance online always.
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