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Warnings from a Nile Cruise on M/S Renaissance

edited November 2009 in - Egypt
I had a Nile Cruise on M/S Renaissance in January 2009 between Luxor and Aswan, in this cruise I went through one of my worst situations ever, my vacation turned to be part from hell, and I did not imagine that I will find this amount of bad people gathered in one place like that.

One of the male tourists hurt my sister on front of the open buffet, he hit her with his elbow on her chest, she cried and called me, however I was so angry I did not touch him, I shout at him, he claims that he did not do anything, a witness so what happened and she said that she saw every thing and he intended to hit her.

I will not go into farther details, but all I want to say is all the ship management lied on the police station, they even bring some people from the ship staff were not even their as a witness and they provide a false testimony, just because that guest is one of a group coming with a travel company that has a good relation with ship management, and they don’t want to lose that contract, I swear this is the troth, and this what happened with me on M/S Renaissance, and the case in the Egyptian law is still going on.

To summarize, our vacation dream cruise is turned to hell on that ship, and we recall what happened whenever someone mention Egypt, luxor , aswan or a nile cruise.

So my advice to you, ask to get as mush reviews as you can about the cruise ship before you register.

Have a good trip.

My email is: [email protected]


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