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Australia to Guatemala City

edited November 2009 in South and Central America
Next August I intend on being in Guatemala.

What is the best way to get there (from Australia)?

Is there a much cheaper way than Flying into USA then heading South? can I land directly from Australia? it looks so much shorter on the map.

Also I understand that as I am going to Guatemala for sport I should take my time going into the mountains. What is the best way to avoid altitude sickness? I will be headed for Panajachel. Just making the accent over 3 days enough? or should I take a week before competing in sport?


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    I doubt there are any direct flights from Australia to Guatemala. Have you checked or ? You will most probably have to go via the US, probably Los Angeles, or you can try going via Santiago in Chile or Lima in Peru.

    Panajachel is only at 1,600m so there is no need to worry about altittude sickness. It is not high enough. Altitude sickness starts at approx. 2,500m.

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    ahhh yes I thought I would not be able to just 'fly across the pacific direct (ish)'

    I will be competing at 22500 m apparently.

    I would prefer to not have to Fly into United States.. but it seems so much cheaper than to not.

    Thanks for your prompt reply
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