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Ski Japan

edited November 2009 in Skiing
I went skiing in Japan.
Was absolutely fantastic.

I went to the north Island of Hokado, Ashihikawa arirport is the central one and is close to many fantastic ski resorts.

Furano although is a spring town of flowers has a most fantastic mountain with 2 sides and a few very decent lifts. Including a high capacity 4 minute ride to the top on one side and 2 more sedate small godolas.

Siing there for a week was great.
Also very near are many other great ski and snowboard areas. What is best on the day is a very good way to pic your destination from Furano to surrounding mountains. Furano itself is not "off pista" meaning it is inside a national park so no 'off ski run' is allowed BUT many mountains around do. Furano is the hub for Snow Board Powder tourism. It only snowed about 50 cm per night ... it was minus 30 degrees Celsius at night .

A more not hyped environment with a great mountain that offers Local guides for those that want to learn the areas to ski 'gratis' .

Many accommodation and all modern facilities and GREAT town service.

yes I had a great time.. so did my kids and wife.... great for families and dedicated snow bums and addicts... if you wanna party and not ski or ski only a little bit cause your to drunk from last night... go someplace else. Saying that Karaoke almost killed me one night.


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    Wow, sounds awesome. Thanks for the review. I've seen quite a few snowboarding vids where they visit Japan or China and the experience seems to be excellent. Time to get out of Europe and go Asia!
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    Oh, it sounds great! I'll go skiing to Japan in the nearest future. Thanks for advice
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