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movement between France, Spain and Greece

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i am a Nigerian coming to Paris for vacation, with a Schenghe visa.
would like to find out if there is any train service that links Paris to Spain and Greece? what is the approximate distance between theses cities also i hope my schenghe visa will allow me entrance into these cities?


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    Hi Valerie,

    The obvious point to make is that Spain and Greece are countries, not cities.

    By train, Paris to Madrid, the capital of Spain will take about 14 hours.

    Paris to Athens, the capital of Greece will take about 48 hours of travelling time by train . If you like seriously long train rides fine, if not book well in advance and fly. If funds allow it, fly.

    As for your Schengen visa, what exactly does your visa say about travelling to Spain and Greece?

    I would check it out with the Spanish and Greece embassies in Nigeria (if you are living in Nigeria) or the Nigerian embassies in Spain and Greece.

    Good luck

    French Pedals
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    Can one get a good sense or feel of Basque life/experience by just visiting the French side or does one need to go into the Spain side of the Basque country? Does the cuisine differ much within the Basque Region? Any recommendations on where to go and what to see for one week?
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    I 'm Nepalies people. I want to go in Farance. I' m 34 years old. My qualification is only P.C.L.passed in 1996 from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Plz, I need requirement?
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