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India: Kumbh Mela in Haridwar

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My partner and i are planning to travel to India for 2-3 months, leaving early January. My partner wishes to be at the Kumbh Mela by the 23rd February in Haridwar-is this advisable/safe?


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    this depends on what you call safe ;-) There will be some million people, pilgrims, tourists, thieves, and what not. But if you are careful and not fearful there should be no problem. If it is advisable??? Do you like adventures, extrem cultural experiences, being in realy big masses of people... if yes, go, if not , better don't go.

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    I am sorry to see the report from the above so called "expert" .
    The Kumbh is one of the largest events on earth and its safe conduct is taken very very seriously by the District administration. There is a very large police presence in proportion to the myriads of visitors. The towns of Hardwar and Rishikesh are known for their calmness and safety, no crime to speak of. Yes there may be pickpockets but with millions about this is a small risk which is preventable with precaution.

    The possible risks in this day and age are: crime: addressed above; security and terrorism: with India's latest Home Minister PC Chidambaran a very astute and able individual, the rapid upgrade to the security climate has been dramatic. With the post 26/11 event fresh in Indian minds and PC's efforts and mobilization, this is one of the safest periods to travel.

    Two hours from Hardwar we operate and my firm and have just recieved 22 children from the American Embassy School and visitors from a range of other countries. You may write to me for additional information on [email protected]
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    I love India and have been lots of times, but personally the one thing I try to avoid is really big crowds. Things happen and call it 'mass hysteria' or 'religious fervour' whatever you like but situations can get quickly out of control and people can get hurt ie: 'human stampedes'. Crowd control can often be dealt with really badly by the police who tend to just go for the beating people back with sticks option!! I don't want to sound really negative, but I have seen this happen.

    And my other concern would be, Glastonbury is bad enough, where will everyone go to the toilet...hmmmm

    I am sure it will be an amazing festival with lots of positives too, but do watch out and look after yourselves!
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    It is safe, no worries. You can come and enjoy the holy city tour.
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