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Mexico's Weather

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What's the best time of year to get married in Cancun, Mexico? We are concerned about the weather. In addition, the rates for the resorts also change during peak season.


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    I would go for April-May. Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, this is typically the low season. It is also very hot and humid from July to September. December to May is the high season, due to much better weather.

  • Cancun's a busy place, I would say avoid December-January (peak season) and March-April (Spring break/Easter).

    Similar to what Lee said above, I would go for May/June. It's supposedly the rainy season, but when I travelled then it was perfect, and not overcrowded.
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    Hello, I would like to plan a wedding in Acapulco sometime in May. How is the weather that time of year?
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    Acapulco is always hot. But May is a good month to go as it is just before the rainy season starts and it is not high season. Take a look at the monthly average temperatures and rainfall on these two websites:

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    Hi, I'm going to Mexico at the end of this month, arriving there on the 21st of January, and I'm concerned about the unusual amount of rain the area around Playa Del Carmen is getting. I'm starting do worry I'll be there and it will rain the whole time even though this is supposed to be a dryer season.
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    Wwell, it wont be hotlike as if were summer, but it will be great weather. We have the same weather as los angeles and this part of the world has the greatest weather.
  • Yeah the best season to go to Mexico is in Summer.I think the starting of summer in June is very fascinating in Mexico.Last rime when i visited Mexico in the mid of June have a lot of fun with friends.The weather is very charming here.I like this place.
  • But Jerry, summer between May and October is the rainy season and can be very hot and humid. The Caribean coast can also be affected by hurricanes during this season. In general the best time to visit Mexico is November and April.

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