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What is the weather right now in Eastern Europe

edited November 2009 in - Eastern Europe
Hi all, I will be travelling to Eastern Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland) on 2 Dec 2009 - 18 Dec 2009. Somehow, I find that the weather is really unpredictable. Hence, I would like to ask how is the weather like right now. This will allow me to plan what to bring along. (pull-over and a jacket is it enough)

Will there be an opportunity to witness snow fall?


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    I think that the weather in this tmes is unpredictable. Currently, there is nice weatrher in Central Europe, the temperatures are higher than November average. On the other side, it can quickly change and it can be around 0 C next week. I would suggest you to bring warm cloth with you.
    If you want to see the snowfall, I would suggest you to go to Slovakia Tatra mountians, there is snow already, but not sufficient for skiing yet.
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    Thanks enjoyslovakia. I have got a jacket from the North Face. Hope it serve the purpose.
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