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I want ta head away for a year

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Hi i am from Ireland and a carpenter.I looking to head away for a year are so. I am into surfing kayaking and stuff like that anyone no where the best place for me ta go is?


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    Go to Indonesia, numorous places to do kayaking, surfing,rafting ...etc at cheap price.I can give you more information, [email protected] if interested
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    the whole of Europe, including those places which are so called sunny, like Spain South of France Portugal Italy etc etc are all covered with winterly, snowy, cold weather, the island of Malta, is enjoying a warm sunny, weather, second to none. Here are some web resources:

    Official website
    Maltses History:
    Things to do:
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    Namaste Bob O Sullivan!!!!!!!!!

    I am trekking and travel expert agent from Nepal.

    I would like to suggest some ideas to spent your a valuable year with our company. We are providing the tours around most part of Asia like in Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Mongolia.

    Actually you can enjoy the real adventures of trekking in Nepal, scenery beauty of mountains in Tibet, cultural diversities in India and in Sri Lanka and Mongolia, a place for buddhist cultures.

    For more details please be free to write us at
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