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Sufficient Travellers Fund for United States

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Is it required for a British Citizen to have a Sufficient Travellers Fund before boarding a plane to the United States.


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    hallerrob - no, there is no such requirement before boarding. On arrival, a return ticket must generally be shown, and in some cases, like if you are from an African coutnry, some kind of bank statement or proof of earning. But if a British Citizeb, there is no such requirement for USA travel. Be careful, there are lots of scams around the issue of STF.
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    I have a related question. Does the British government require a Sufficient Travellere's Fund for a US Citizen returning to the US from a stay longer than 12 months in Britain? A woman who is coming to me says she needs this to leave Britain to return to her home in the US.
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    The only requirement in this regard is that tourist visitors can show evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States - if asked to do so. However this is very rare, except in cases where visitors are statistically likely to become asylum seekers. Russell - I would ask for more information and evidence on this requirement, as it sounds very fishy to me.
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    According to the US Embassy in London, The British Home Office, at least Gatwick airport, several airline companies, and London Metro Police, they have never heard of a Sufficient Taveler's Fund. I was told that an American Citizen with a valid passport and a valid plane ticket only needs to have the clothes on their back.
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    I am traveling with my 9 months old baby, EU citizen, to US. On the arrival his passport will be valid another 5 months. Shall I renew his passport before going there or it will be valid enough time and should be fine for that visit? Need to add that we intend to stay only 2 weeks. Thanks for any advice.
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