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Singapore January 2009

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Just joined, but we are active travellers (married couple, in our early 40s) having left the UK in April 2006 and intending to see the world. So far we have been on the road for over two and a half years.

We have now booked just under a fortnight at the Hang Out Hostel at Mount Emily early next year after reading good reviews so hopefully our return to Singapore will be a pleasant one.

Can anyone help by advising the best way to get our accommodation from the train station? Also, what kind of price are we looking at for a large beer? I fear the worst!

Appreciate your time and effort; thanks.


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    I suggest that you take a taxi to the hotel. The fare should not exceed USD10 for the trip. Singapore taxi drivers are honest and usually do not take you for a spin. Its meter fare and its fair.

    Beer can easily purchased anywhere. If you were to go to a grocery shop or a supermarket, the prices are approximately USD2-USD3 a can. Food establishments will see beer at a much higher price. However you can try drinking at pubs during the "happy hours" for approx. USD12-USD15 a jar.
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    The metro is also very good and excellent value. The information counter person will advise how far you will get to your hostel. One thing is for sure: you dont want to be walking around with backpacks in that kind of heat and humidity!I agree that taxi drivers are honest here - only place in the word where that is the case.
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    Cheers for the advice guys, a cab sounds like the best bet. As has been pointed out, taxi drivers aren't always the most honest of professions, but occasionally you'll find a decent one. Sarajevo is a case in point; it was cheaper to get a taxi anywhere in town and it always cost the same. Utterly brilliant.

    Now, these beer prices. PLEASE tell me you're kidding! We never drink outside of a bar/pub, so take away supermarket ale is not an option. We enjoy the atmosphere of a beer or several in good company with atmosphere but what is the stuff made from? Liquid gold?

    We run a beer index on our Blog based on our travels and even Venice, Italy would struggle to compete with these prices. And that is during "Happy Hour". Looks like it's going to be a dry time...

    Still, if anyone fancies a meet up, drop me a line suggesting a cheap venue. :oD
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