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Weather in Greece in May - Climate in Greece

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Hi - Just looking at next years holiday and thinking about the islands of Greece - maybe Corfu or Kos and would like to go in go in May. What is the weather in Greece like in May - anyone travelled to Greece in May and know what sort of climate to expect?? Holidays are cheaper in May than in mid-summer and I just want to check that the weather is not so bad.
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    May is my best time to go to the Greek islands. The spring flowers are out everywhere, everyone is happy at the start of the new season and it is not too hot. The further south you are the better the weather so Kos will be a better bet than Corfu. Northern islands may have a few days rain so I usually book 2-3 weeks to make sure I get a sunny spell. No joy in going for seven days and having 2-3 days rain. Islands are less crowded in May and some of the tavernas don't open until June. It can also be harder to hire boats and the ferries may not be so frequent if you plan any island hopping. Check out my site for travel details and, if you choose Kos, you can probably spend a day or two in Turkey as well.
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