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Tips for London sightseeing?

Hello, I am doing a trip to London in March next year. I have 4 days free between business meetings. I want to go on the Thames and see London from the water. Is there a boat than can acheive this? Also, I am loving renaissance art - where is the best galleries to see this? My final question is: is it better to travel with the Tube or the Buses when going all around the city? Thankyou, B


  • Hi Battaglia

    london is an amazing city and your going to have a great time. hopefully a few of my tips will help you do just that.

    boat trips on the thames

    there are loads of options, i've done the london eye river cruise and it was excellent.

    as for renaissance art the national gallery is a must

    as for getting around the tube is the quickest and easiest way i would recommend getting a pay as you go oyster card as it will work out the cheapest fare for your journey. you can get them at any tube station and you can top them up at stations, newsagents and online. you can also use your oyster card on the busses but the bus routes are more difficult to travel on if your new to the city.
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    Thank you much VirginCruiseDude! What is your opinion of the "big" and famous attractions such as Mdm Tussauds, London Dungeons and theatre land? Some say great, others not so good. Also, is it possible to cycle with a rented bicycle or is this crazy?
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    London Dungeons is rubbish! The big wheel is good, and madame tussauds very boring for me but other people like it lots.
  • i dont know about those attractions having never visited them myself.

    regarding bike hire, you probably can hire bikes but i wouldnt. get an oyster card and a good map that includes attractions and the nearest tube and bus stops and get going.

    unlike cities in europe and like new york london is very badly signposted and its very wide spread so you need to know where your going before you head out.
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    I would love to see one of the big shows but am finding tickets are very expensive. Is there a good way to get reasonably priced tickets in London? Any tips on the must-see show this season? I love the musicals!
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    There is a ticket booth on Leicester Square that you can queue at - they have last minute tickets for shows that night. You can get some good prices but it is a hassle standing there while some German guy haggles with the attendant. Another option that is quite reputable is You can buy online and collect at the theatre.
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    hi i am planning a trip to london england with my 2 kids 17 &7 in march of this year .this our first time travelling to england. and my kids first time travelling i would like to know what are the travelling requirement.. is there a visa needed. is this a good time to travel to england at this time? if so how should we pack? please help.


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    Am travelling from St.Lucia 2 london
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    Hi, its a good time to go to London, England, however be prepared for rain - haha - things to do etc.. i could recommend you a website which provides all the information and family deals, discount etc... For all your and sightseeing etc.. this website is quite helpful! hope this helps/
  • I liked walking everywhere, and then for longer distances the tube is really easy. but if you have the time take the bus, you can see all of the city you would miss in the tube between destinations.
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    I agree with wandering wanderer. Walk above tube.. then you get to really experience the city and the wonderful sites and sounds of the real city. The tube is great for long distances but in the centre a lot of places are within walking distance and it can take longer on the tube.

    p.s. Guest.. it doesnt actually rain that much in London. London is one of the drier parts of Europe.
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    Don't forget about the Tate gallery in the Trafalgar Square and St. James Park-beautiful:)
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