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Panama Real Estate - Investing in Property

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I am traveling to Panama next month and would like more information on property/real estate groups in Panama. I would like to see some property while I'm there and I'm very interested in relocating to Panama in the future. I would like to meet and find contacts of people that are foreigners that live in any area of Panama that could give me some more information on locations to buy and areas to buy vacation rentals.

Also, would like to look into any English speaking jobs. Are they hard to find here?


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    I am a foreign (from Europe) living in Panama, my husband is from there. Currently I live in Panama City, but I also have lived in the rest of the country and visit most of it, reason why I am pretty aware of the different areas to visit and so on...
    There are hundreds of real estate companies and different market. Panama has everything from city life (Panama City) to beach (San Carlos, Santa Clara, Bocas del Toro, ...) to the montains (Boquete, El Valle de Anton, Cerro Punta, ...).
    I would advise to go visit the country in different places that you are most interested in. At the moment the real estate in here is extremely expensive, and all those building in Panama City are empty. I would rather go visit the area several time, maybe take some holidays there with the family and wait that the prices go down to reasonable prices.

    If you plan to come and live here, you have to know that immigration law in extremely hard, it doesn't matter if you are from US, Europe or other latin American countries. It takes LOTS of time and money and it is exhausting. Also, to find a job, in 98% of the cases they require spanish. If you have English it is a plus for sure, but not speaking Spanish is most of the time not even an option. But again it depends if in what areas you plan to work in.

    I hope that you will be able to enjoy this Panama as much as I do, people are incredible here, full of surprises. It has become my country by adoption.
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