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Where should I visit?

edited December 2009 in - Italy
I realise that there is so many things and places to see in Florence itself! So many musuems, churches, monuments, etc! Can anyone just kindly recommend me which one should I visit 1st, because I only have about 2 days for my Florence Trip! Thank you!


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    Having a short time in Florence, you should definitely visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo. There are group tours and private tours that are available. You can also take a "hop on, hop off" bus tour and see the city on your own. However, it is always nice to have a guided tour when possible so you can learn about the history and culture.
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    I agree: definitely visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, and also the Accademia Gallery
    probably it's better if you book a guided tour ( ): this way you can learn more and save time
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    Guided tours will of course cost you some premium and they will also take some time as the tour will be more comprehensive rather than just cherry picking the best to see artifacts (as U have little time). If you feel you do not need the full tour, do take the time to book your entry ticket online or you will face further delays in waiting in long queues. You can google the web to search for the booking sites. here are some.
    Reserve tickets at tel. 055-294-883 or for David at Accademia Gallery
    All these venues including the Duomo are within 1km easy walking distance from each other. The central train station is also within this radius. If you drive into Florence, be careful not to park anywhere in the old city as its restricted for residents only. Park near the station instead and walk.
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