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China Visa FAQs

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Q1:What’s the type of my visa?
A: Please look at your current visa;find the Capital Letter on the top L=Tourist ; F=Business Visa ; Z=Working Visa ; X=Student Visa *As Chinese laws, if you hold an F visa , you are not allow to get incoming payment here. That means, if you have sign the contract with the company and will start your full-time job here in China, it’s better for you to ask for the working(Z) visa and residence permit from your company. Otherwise, the government may find you and your company because of the illegal employment. If your company don’t know how to apply the working visa for you.

Q2:What’s mean of Entry(ies)?
A:How many times you can enter China during the visa period. Commonly, there was 4 kinds of Entry: 00=Zero; 01=Single; 02=Double; M=Multi

Q3:What is the difference between a Chinese tourist and business visa?
A:Chinese visas are issued according to the purpose of the trip; either tourism or business activities. In general, "tourist" visas are issued specifically for the purpose of travel for pleasure, while a "business" visa generally permits a traveler to engage in normal business-related activities (sales meetings, visiting a factory, negotiating agreements, etc.)

Q4:I am going to mainland China, then to Hong Kong and back to mainland China for one night. Does this mean I must have a double-entry visa?
A:Yes. Double-entry visa means you can enter into mainland of China twice within 90 days. Since you are going to the mainland of China twice, you must have a double-entry visa. Although being part of China, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region.

Q5:I travel to China frequently. How do I obtain a multiple entry visa?
A:There are two ways to get a multi-entries F visa:
-To get it from overseas Chinese consulates or at visa office in HK. You will need to ask your business partners in China to contact the local government office to issue an invitation. The invitation(letter) has to be issued by the authorized Chinese government departments or Chinese or ganizations .However; issuance of a multi-entries visa is at the discretion of the consulate and having an official invitation does not guarantee issuance of the multi-entries visa. F4]3I$g'?*U"f$M9B1j/N%c
-To get it from local PSB in China, you need to be sponsored by a Chinese host .

Q6:Is there any useful tips for F visa extension? FOB Business Forum:A4M4x2K"U2|*Q7h6v
A: Yes, As we know, when you hold an F visa and stay inside of China, you can extend your visa every 6 month up to total 1 year without leaving. that’s mean, for example , your enter China at 1st Jan.2008. so that you can extend your visa every 6 month up to 1st Jan . 2009 .without leaving. That’s we called 1 year limit. But the 1 year limit is calculate from the lastest enter date. So during this 1 year, you can apply 1extra entry and leave the country and come back with this entry. Then you enter date will be refreshed. Anyway,we just pass this information to you because it might be hepful to you.FOB Business Forum(~!s7P8O'O.P+b

Q7:My company want to apply an Working(Z) Visa for me ,is it possible to get it here inside of China without going outside of China?
A: Yes, It’s possible. Before your company do any work to apply the Working(Z) visa for you. Please contact our office first. We can give you suggestion and help you to handle everything just inside of China

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