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Need some advice on my Montreal vacation trip!

edited December 2009 in - Canada
Hi all, we are a group of students and have some vacations coming up. We would really like to utilize the time not on the studies, but on some good vacation trip. As none of us have been to Canada, we are planning to visit Montreal. We have been gathering information and have consulted the necessary informational centers for the same. Since, we have would like to make this a good one, we would like to seek some advices on making the trip a better experience.

Thanks in advance!


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    Wow...that sounds great! A trip with friends is always a nice change. Recently, I have been back from Paris with my family and would like to say that a trip cannot be enjoyed with the family the way it is enjoyed with your friends. Anyway, on the matter of the trip, one thing that I would like to mention is the accommodations that you are taking for your stay. You can get great options online for your [url=] suites hotel [/url] to make a great stay which will be comfortable and relaxing for your vacation.
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