Brazil - Pre paid Internal flight cards ?

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I heard friends say that it is worthwhile to buy a pre paid internal flight card before you travel to Brazil.
Apparently you just buy one from one of the local airlines and it works out cheaper and easier than trying to book flights at the airport everytime you want to fly.

They have also said they internal flights are usually around $100 but you end up paying more because there is no space so you need to buy premium tickets and that its usually hard to get the dates that you want?

I am travelling with my boyfriend in December and we are probably going to end up taking about 3 or 4 internal (domestic) flights while we are there.
We don't want to pre book anything because we want the freedom to go where we want at any time.

Are these pre paid flight cards really cost effective and easy or should we just book as we go ?
Do you need to pre book flights on the cards ?
If we were to buy these cards where would we get them from, I have looked at a couple of the airline sites (Tam, Varig and Lan) but i'm not sure what the cards are called so I can't find pricing.

Thanks xx


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