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Currency in Zambia

edited December 2009 in - Southern Africa
understand US$ can be used in zambia in place of local currency -

what denominations can be used ($100, $50 etc)
any restrictions on age of $ notes
is it not a problem for them to provide change in US$


  • Hi Peter
    It is our experience that all denominations are accepted, just not coins. We haven’t had our US$ scrutinized for dates, but it is never a bad idea to ask your local bank to give you notes younger than 2000. We always try to have the exact amount ready, as change is often an issue,( real or a form of extortion). Some lodges accept Visa and there are bank ATMs that also accept visa, so a debit card also works. As always, be aware when cash or card are in hand.
    Happy travelling
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    American Express is widely accepted with more limited use of Visa and MasterCard. Travellers checks are also accepted. It is a good idea to bring US dollars that are the new currency and in good condition. I wouldn't expect to receive US$ in change so bring smaller bills as well. You can exchange them on arrival since a lot of the smaller towns will only deal in local currency and not accept credit cards. But most hotels will accept credit cards and travellers checks.
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    Which currency should I bring to Zambia? Can I spent US dollars everywhere or do I need to get some local currency also?
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