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how to live in Italy

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Hi I am an australian who has recently divorced my Italian wife who was born here in australia, her parents were born in Italy and migrated here ,we have a son who I believe can also get an Italian passport due to ancestry,We are amicable and Mara is now in a relationship with an Italian National ,she has asked me If I would be open to living in Italy and I said I was ,which leads me to my question of how it is possible to do that if I have no Italian ancestry .my maternal grandparents were born in England ,could you point me in the right direction
Thanks Mark


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    Hi Mark, Its not easy to get a work permit or a long leave of stay in Italy for non-EU citizens. I was transferred by the company I work for and so they managed to get me a permanent work permit in the end. Either employment, proven substantial financial independance or European citizenship is what you need to get in (or be married to an Italian). I am afraid that there is no easy answer. There are very few global or Pan European head offices based in Italy that would actively recruit labour from outside of Europe, if you do have some special skills or experience that would be attractive to Italian based companies, try from there. If the company hires you, you will get access at least for a 2 year period. With further escalaltion and the company declares that canot get your set of skills from within Italy, it could be extended for a longer term. (That was my route).

    Cheers Mate - Good Luck!
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    Thank You
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