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Eastern Europe car hire

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We are planning a tour of Eastern Europe, starting in the Czech republic and ending in Hungary, and would like to know about renting a car - can we rent one car for the whole trip, collect in Czech and drop it off in Hungary? Does anyone know of any car rental companies that allow for this? If this is not possible, is their a train or something we can take to do the tour? We would be prepared to change our route...


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    You can use the services of Car Trawler here:

    They allow different pick-up, drop-off locations, cooperate with the car rental companies in Central Europe.

    We wish you nice stay in Central Europe. If you need to help and advice on hotel booking in Slovakia, pls contact
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    There would be no problems about it. There are many major car-rental companies at the airport and you can lease their car there
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    Dear Sir / Mdm,

    We will be traveling to the following countries in June/July: Austria >
    Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia & Hercegovina > Serbia > Hungary > Slovakia >>>
    back to Austria.

    Please advise us if Hertz rental car is allowed to travel in the above
    countries and whether do you need any special permit or license? Our plan
    is to pick up & return the car at Austria international airport.

    If above routing is possible with your car rental, please quote us your best rate for 5 persons seater (including the driver) – what model & what best price?

    Also, please advise if you would provide map and/or GPS for the above
    mentioned countries.
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    I recommend They are a global search for rental cars. That way you can compare across all major rental companies to find options and the lowest price.
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    DCarlson is right in his saying that it is always cheaper to book via a broker company as you can compare the various deals offered by rental companies to find best options and the lowest price . The best one that I know is as they have tie ups with reputed suppliers like Alamo, National etc. and you can select the best deal conveniently and easily book online. Many times have quite a nice experience renting a car from them.
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