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Norway Fiords

edited December 2009 in - Scandinavia
My wife and I are planning to drive from Holland to Sweden during May/June 2010.
We would like to drive through the fiord area of Norway to get to our destination which is the city of Ostersund in Swden (level with Trondheim).
What are the sights we should not miss?
Thank you in advance.



  • Hey Gerrit, In 2007 After getting off the car ferry in ICELAND into Bergen I drove to Oslo, try visit the Stavkirks (there are about a 120 of these medieval churches in Norway, and some are really amazing, also the fjords are spectacular, Bergen is very wet ALWAYS, but the nightlife in the Irish bars was particularly lively. It is expensive but Norwegians as are Swedes are very friendly and speak English openly and fantastically well . . . as do the Dutch!
    check out my website and if you look in the photo gallery 2007 and 2009 you will see images of Scandinavia.
    If there are any sights on there you want to see, ask away
    regards Mark
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    Thanks Mark
    Looked at your website briefly - will go back for a more extensive look later.
    Actually I am an Australian who was born in Holland but left in 1952 with my parents.
    Did all my schooling in Australia. We have a son living in Sweden and 2 daughters in Canada so we do travel a fair bit.
    Any more info would be appreciated.
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    Some tips:

    Drive from Oslo to L
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    TheNorwayFjords website is pretty much the most comprehensive place to show you all there is about the fjords. And a ton of great photos too.

    My recommendation would be inner Sognefjord (Laerdal, Skjolden, Aurland), Nordfjord, Geiranger, and the Hjorundfjord region. All can be down on a route up to Trondheim
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