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Single Mum, Tunisia or Morocco

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I'm a single mum to a 17 and 10 year old and am looking to book a holiday to either Morocco or Tunisia. I want to take the children away from fast food and anything they may have seen before! Am quite excited about visiting some of the souks etc, but am concerned that travelling as a single mum may cause me problems. Can anyone help me with some advice as to whether its safe?


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    I am a travel agent of 17 years
    I have been to MAROC 5times
    it is safe for polite culturally considerate visitors
    Agadir and marrackesh are wonder ful
    I will go back
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    Hi Andrea - you and your children will feel very happy in either Morocco or Tunisia. Of course I will push Tunisia because this is where I live but I have also been to Morocco more times than I can count. You don't say how long you have for your vacation or when you might visit. There is much to offer in both countries - both for you and for the children. You don't say the gender of your children, but I can assure you that the three of you will be very, very safe! You will find fast food in Morocco in the big cities, but you definitely will not find it in Tunisia. Our fast food is delicious!! And tagine in Maroc is worth every single minute you have to wait for it to come to the table. If you want any more information about either country, please ask........I'll be happy to assist
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    Thank you to both of you. I'm very grateful. Hopefully I will be travelling early May 2010 for 7 - 10 days. I'm struggling at the moment deciphering the jargon on the websites and having only gone as far as Egypt in the past (pre children) its all a bit daunting, not to mention the fact that the children will be 17(b) and 10(g) so their interests differ vastly! I just need to try and whittle the destination resort and hotel down as best as possible as i've spent all day on travel websites and not really got any further other than slightly more confuzzled than normal lol. I think what i'm hoping for is a relaxing preferably all inclusive holiday where i can spend a few days by the pool, with plenty to occupy the children within the hotel complex, but close enough to a town, so that we can go for a walk perhaps in the evening and have a look round the souks and do a few sightseeing trips. Seems quite simple, until you try looking for it lol x
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    Happy to help! I think it may be easier to entertain the children than you think! You could try Marrakech in Morocco as this has much to offer all of you. A wondrous medina and fantasia shows and lots of things to see in the area. If you wanted to stay in a resort, the larger ones with pools etc are a little further away from the old city, but some of those hotels have shuttle buses and of course if you wanted to take some sightseeing trours then the tour company would collect you from the hotel.

    If Tunisia, then I would suggest staying at one of the coastal resort areas such as Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse etc. These are all wonderful areas with much to offer. the hotels offer entertainment - they employ 'animators' who are there simply to make sure you and the children are safe, happy and entertained. Most are built right on the beach and the mediterannean and all have pools etc. You can also do some sightseeing in and around these areas.

    Tunisia will be much cheaper for you than Morocco!! maybe that will help whittle down your etc is much cheaper here and the prices in the souks will make you happy!!

    If you need anything else, please let me know
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    Thank you, thats really helped, going on my research and your advice think i'm going to opt for Hammamet in Tunisia and try for Morocco in 2011, in the meantime I wish you a very happy new year!
    Very Grateful x andrea
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