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provide homestay in shanghai

edited December 2009 in World Wide
Dear friends,
Are you traveling China and learning Chinese?
Are you interested in Chinese culture and arts?
Then there is a great opportunity to strengthen your Chinese language ability and to be more familiar with China?
We have a user who has experience of receiving foreigners in my house. It’s amazing to live with a person whose background culture is absolutely different, and that’s why she’d like to take in more foreigners. To live with a Chinese local family, you can learn Chinese more trueborn and as a host she can enjoy her life with you all from other fascinating cultures
Her flat has 3 bedrooms, a dining hall and 2 private bathrooms with free air-conditioner, furniture refrigerator and internet. It’s on the 1st floor and it’s located in a community with garden and swimming pool. The security is for 24 hours.
You can get more of her information on And here is my personal email address:[email protected]
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