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Best base to ski and sightsee in Switzerland?

Hello - I am wanting to go skiiing in February in Switzerland but also want to see the sights and experience the Swiss world. I have been advised to go and stay in Verbier, but is this a good place to have as a base. My budget is not big, and I dont want lots of rich people annoying me with their bling. Any advice would be great, thanks.


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    You'll enjoy verbier if you like skiing, it has some of the best on and off piste skiing in Switzerland and is part of the 4 valleys ski region. It is also a pretty resort and has a great nightlife. But its a very international and expensive resort, so I'm not sure you'll experience the real Switzerland - for that you will probably want to choose a smaller lesser-known resort...
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    Thanks Goldfinger. I also want to see some of the real Switzerland. What is there in a range of say 3 hours from Verbier to see? I also like to idea of catching a train and checking out the view.
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    Does anyone know what things cost in a place like Verbier: like if i went out for an evening - how much is a beer, a pasta meal, maybe entrance to a nightclub?
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    Someone told me about a ski/snowboarding route where one takes a train upward for an entire day, then skis/rides down through villages for several days(without lift service). I don't know if it was in Austria or Switzerland, but has anyone heard of such a trip ?

    Alternatively, what is Zermatt like for winter vacationing? My husband and I are looking for an off the beaten path experience moreso than very touristy- not luxurious, just culturally authentic and relatively comfortable without a lot of expense. Somewhere with access to good backcountry trails for intermediate snowboard/hiking/winter hiking. Any suggestions?
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