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Innoculations for Haiti

What innoculations would you suggest for Haiti. I am working for the Ministry of Tourism for 3 weeks around the island.


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    Malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis occur in Haiti and travellers are recommended to take the necessary prophylactics.
    A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for those arriving from an infected country in Africa or the Americas and vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B are recommended.

    I hope this proves helpful!
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    Thank you,

    I am taking the necessary steps this afternoon and getting the necessary shots and pills from the local CDC physician for Haiti.


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    What innoculations do I require .... Next week I am going on a holiday to America, as par tof that we are taking a 7 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale aound eastern Caribbean.. with stopovers including Labadee Haiti, Cozumel Mexico Flamouth Jamacia thanks for any help
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    Hi Happy,

    It's probably best to check with your cruise company -- as 7 days is a very short time, and it might not be worth getting the vaccinations (especially if your food and water supply is gauranteed not to be contaminated, and if you're going to be spending a lot of time on the ship).

    None of the countries you're visiting -- Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica -- require vaccination certificates, although the following are usually recommended:

    * Anti-malarial drugs, and good mosquito repellent to combat the risk Dengue Fever
    * Hepatitus A
    * Hepatitus B
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