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Morocco Bread size

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I am planning to go to live in Morocco later this year. One problem is that they don't bake bread in loaf size for toasting as they do in Australia. I have previously lived in Errachidia and further south. I don't like the round flat loaves they make. This is a serious question. Do they bake Europian style bread in Rabat? Do I need to take a bread making machine and a toaster with me?


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    You need to remember that the French influence is big in Morocco so you ill find- bguette most of the places. In Rabt they hve number of different grocery stores tht sell estern products nd you can find brecd tht cn be cut for toast. They lso hve dry toast - like Melba- in Rabat you hve most of the Embssies -in the Sussie area of Rabat you have a big European groery store here you can find everything that you want.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for that Rita. I was living in Errachidia last year for a few months and working with the camel treks in the Sahara till I got bitten by a sand fly and got leishmaniasis so had to come back to Australia. I love Morocco but don't enjoy the Moroccan food very much which is a pity because my friend is a chef. That is why the type of bread is so important. I do expect Rabat to have more Western tastes on account of the tourists. I have been to Morocco 4 times and each time I lose a great deal of weight.
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    I live in Rabat. There is fantastic bread here, easily available is most any style and type you want.
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