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Arequipa Peru visa query??

I am flying to Arequipa Peru soon, I am a British citizen and the site says i don't need a visa and can stay for up to 183 days but I am going to be doing volunteer work while im out there does that count as employment? I cant find the information for it if i would need a visa can anyone help please


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    Surely you are going with a group of people to do volunteer work...or you have a contact in Peru already. For this question you would need to call the Peruvian Embassy in whatever country you are living in. In most cases, volunteering is work, the fact that you are not paid does not matter. You are still laboring in some way. Good luck.
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    Monarch Tours are correct. If you are doing volunteer work in Peru then surely the volunteer company will be able to tell you what visas you need. It really sounds like you need to call them or call the Peruvian Embassy in London. You will love Arequipa, it's a great city. Make sure you take some time off to visit the nearby Colca Canyon.
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