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Schengen Visa vs Spousal Dependancy

edited January 2010 in - Italy
Please could you assist with this enquiry relating to myself and girlfriend wishing to visit Italy for a period of no longer than 10 days in June 2010.

I am a South African citizen living in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, I have a 5 year UK ancestral visa and am aware that I would normally require a Schengen Visa to visit any country within the Schengen States. I have come across some information on the Italian Embassy website ( which has raised the question as to whether I would require the visa to enter Italy.

My girlfriend has a Portuguese passport as Identity card and I can provide proof of our relationship as well as copies of her passport. We are currently living together in Guernsey.

With regard to this information below, please advise as to whether I would require a Schengen Visa or if I would qualify for some form of spousal dependancy visa?

"Type of Document: Residence Card of a Family Member of an
EEA National"
will not need a Schengen visa for a SHORT STAY in Italy if accompanied by the EEA National OR if traveling to join them. Bringing a copy of marriage certificate or proof of relationship is advisable."

I would appreciate any help and feedback that you could provide.

Many thanks


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    My Advice would be to get a visa rather than try to prove your relationship on arrival. Every port of entry into Italy may interpret the requirements differently based on local knowledge and they have little remorse in refusing to entry to a non-EU resident in these trying travel times. You may be better off if you were to get into the Schengen area by arriving in Portugal first by proving your relationship. To ensure hassle free entry use your relationship to get a visa before you leave.

    My advice is not formal, its always best to confirm with the local consulates (Portugese and Italian).
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