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Travel Guides for Ghana

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Hi! I am travelling this year to Ghana alone and was wondering what travel guides anyone can recommend as I have found that Lonely Planet, nor Rough Guides do one to Ghana alone, and as I am not planning to visit any other countries would be grateful if you could recommend a good guide for Ghana.
Thank you and Happy New Year



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    Try: Might require some amount of navigation to get a number of queries answered, but it's a good start.
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    CFeilden - have you looked at the Bradt guides? these are generally the best travel books for Africa travel as they specialise on the region and actually go there when doing updates - unlike Lonely Planet which rely mainly on user feedback. See their dedicated guide to Ghana here: or look at Ghana Travel Guide where you can print off a free guide to Ghana
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    Thank you for all your comments - they are great.
    Looking at the Bradt guide - they have a new one out this year, only it comes out just before my travels. Would you say it would be worth waiting for or just better to buy the old one as the updates won't be too much.
    Thanks for your advise
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    Worth buying the new one if you can get it in time. The guide book production cycle means that there is a minimum of 2-3 years between editions. See if you can get it direct from the publishers if Amazon etc dont ship it in time.
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