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Does BTA applies when leaving The UK ? ie Basic Travel allowance

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Does British or Citizen of The USS need to Show a BTA (Basic Travel Allowance ) minimum $2,000 before leaving The Us if over stay there visa by 2 years or more


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    I have heard about this BTA a couple of times , especially from "new girlfriends off the internet dating sites " I was sceptical about this , so I looked it up on the "net " and found it was a commonly used scam to rip off unsuspecting guys bringing their new loves out to Australia . I would regard this with suspician , especially since the BTA amount they ask for seems to vary from $500 to $1500 to leave London and come to Australia . Of course most people comming out here on a holiday would have sufficient funds to stay here anyway , but it seems to be particularly slanted towards someone bringing out their supposed new "girlfiend' I wouldn't get caught up in this "con " , Do your own searching on the Net to see if anything has changed about this rip off !
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    A friend of mine an american citizen lives 8 months in london but now he want travel to Portugal he said me he bougth the tickets but he said me that the airport immigration required him a BTA minimum 200 pounds for travel And he ask me for that money.I´d like to know if that BTA IS A UK REQUIREMENT and if this is true
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    Hi guys, BTA is a common scam. No airline or immigration will require a traveller to have cash on him or her to get on a flight.
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